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Intelligent Visual Analytics Lab

Computer Vision Lab @ MBZUAI

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Welcome to the ​Intelligent Visual Analytics Lab (IVAL), part of the Department of Computer Vision at MBZUAI. IVAL conducts fundamental research in the field of computer vision and machine learning for semantic understanding of visual data.

Our research covers a wide range of topics: computational imaging, visual recognition, detection, segmentation and tracking, adversarial robustness, generative models, detailed video understanding, action recognition and abnormal event detection. The research work is carried out with a variety of visual data sources, including consumer camera images, video data, satellite and drone imagery, live webcam streams and medical imagery. Research at IVAL strives to design and build accurate and efficient algorithms for automatically extracting semantic information from visual data.


ICCV 2023 Workshop

New Ideas in Vision Transformers

The workshop showcases exciting invited talks by Cordelia Schmid, Dima Damen, Christoph Feichtenhofer, Alexey Dosvitskiy and Hervé Jégou. The workshop also includes an interesting set of papers showcasing new ideas and results on different vision tasks with Transformers.

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